Best Accessories for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

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If you’re looking into buying a new gaming console, you can’t go wrong with a Nintendo Switch. It’s one of the most versatile devices out there; simply dock it to your TV to play on a bigger screen or use it in handheld mode. You can even detach the Joy-Con controllers and stand the device up on a table or desk. The Nintendo Switch Lite is also another great option for those specifically interested in a lightweight, handheld-only device. If one of these consoles sounds good to you, there are some must-have accessories we suggest to boost your gaming experience and keep your Switch or Switch Lite in great condition. Take a look:

Screen Protection

The first step to keeping your Switch safe is with a reliable screen protector. The last thing you want is to accidentally drop the device and end up with a cracked screen. Our Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite screen protectors are available in multi-pack options so you have backup protectors on hand if it needs replaced. And if you’re interested in further boosting your Switch’s screen protection, check out our amPlus screen protection plans. Our plans offer complimentary screen protectors on a monthly basis and screen damage repair reimbursement should your screen crack while using our amFilm screen protectors.

Protective Case and Grip

Now that your screen is protected, keep the rest of your console safe when it’s not in use with a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite carrying case. Our cases have a hard shell exterior and a soft interior with mesh pockets to store game cartridges, Joy-Con controllers and other small accessories. We also have a unique grip cover case for Switch Lite, which increases support and reduces pressure on your hands to allow for a more relaxed playing feel.

Portable Stand

Like to bring your device anywhere you go? Take some of the pressure off the handholding and try one of our portable Switch stands. Our folding playstand allows you to adjust the Switch’s viewing angle depending on what surface you’re playing on and has firm grip tabs and liners to keep it in place during use. Our aluminum stands have a 210° rotation swivel for optimal viewing angles and sits on silicone-padded feet to prevent sliding.

Extended Joy-Con Thumb Sticks

If you plan on using your Switch often, you may want to consider expanding the height of your Joy-Con thumb sticks with our thumb stick adapter. The increased height and larger surface area greatly reduces any hand cramping you might get after hours of playing with the normal thumb sticks. The height also increases playing accuracy and range of motion.

With the right accessories, you’ll really take your gaming experience to the next level.Shop our Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite accessories now!