How to Protect Your Phone's Back Cameras

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There’s no question we’ve seen the biggest changes to cameras on the latest iPhone and Galaxy models. Just take one look at the backs of the iPhone 11 or Galaxy S20 series and you’ll see what we mean. With additional lenses and more surface space covered, your cameras are much more vulnerable to scratches and dust. But not to worry! We at TechMatte have the products you need to keep them protected from daily use and life. Here are a few accessories you should consider getting as soon as possible:

Back Camera and Lens Protector

If you want to keep your cameras in their best shape, a screen protector customized specifically for them is an absolutely must. Previous iPhone and Galaxy models may not have needed this type of protector, but you can see and feel how fragile the new back cameras are and just how much they need to be protected. Our amFilm back camera protectors have a 99% transparency so you can continue taking beautiful, clear photos without any cloudiness or interference. They’re also designed to take any wear or tear damage that would otherwise occur to the lens itself. Most of our iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20 model back camera protectors come in two and three packs, so if your protector does get scratched, simply remove it and apply the second protector from the pack. Our back camera kits all come equipped with wet/dry wipes, dust removal stickers and a cleaning cloth for easy application.

Hybrid Case

Regardless of what phone you own, having a case securely on your device can prevent major damages like cracks from falls and bumps. So it only makes sense that using a case will add an extra layer of protection to your cameras. Our amCase phone cases offer hybrid protection, meaning they’re designed with two layers (shock absorbing and scratch resistant TPU bumper gel and durable polycarbonate back plate) so your device is armed with the best defense. We also make all our cases clear so you can still show off the natural beauty of the phone’s back and front design.

Phone Protection Plan

It goes without saying if you damage your camera, or your phone’s screen for that matter, it’s going to be costly to replace. That’s why we offer a one-of-a-kind protection plan to keep your devices as safe as possible, and help reimburse you if something should happen. When you opt into our Basic or Premium amPlus plan, you can get free, monthly protectors for your phone’s screen and back cameras (depending on your model) and up to $100 or $200 in damage reimbursement from us if your screen or lens crack while using our amFilm protectors. Accidents happen all the time – amPlus is a phone protection plan worth considering!

With such an advanced camera at your fingertips, it’s crucial to take care of it as much as possible. Check out the essential accessories we mentioned and you’re on your way to a safe, resilient phone!