Best Screen Protectors for Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra

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If you’ve recently purchased a Galaxy Note 20 or 20 Ultra, we know how important it is for that $1,000+ investment to last a long time. We’re confident you’ll try to keep your new phone in its best shape possible, but are you doing enough? At TechMatte, we’re serious believers in keeping your devices protected from potential cracks and scratches from accidental drops and bumps. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re paying expensive repair fees. Here are the best Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra screen protectors we’re offering right now.

Note 20 Screen Protectors

Tempered Glass:
Our Galaxy Note 20 tempered glass screen protector is a solid layer of defense that provides 99.9% transparency for an optimal viewing experience. It’s highly responsive to your touch and fully compatible with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Built for durability, it has a 9H surface hardness that combats scratches and an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints. Our Note 20 tempered glass screen protector comes in a 2-pack and includes wet and dry wipes for cleaning, installation tray, dust removal stickers and installation guide.

Flex Film: Our Galaxy Note 20 flex film screen protector is not made from glass, but from a plastic, 3-layer PET film that’s designed for the best screen clarity. It’s designed to protect your screen from dust, scratches, scrapes and normal signs of wear. Our Note 20 PET film screen protector comes in a 3-pack with an easy installation kit that allows you to attach the self-adhering screen protector smoothly.

Back Camera: Keeping your back cameras in their best condition is just as important as the screen! Our Galaxy Note 20 back camera protector has a 99% opacity to ensure clear photos every time. It’s a shield against any wear and tear damage that would otherwise occur to the lens itself. Simply press the screen protector to the back camera lenses and you’re ready to go. Our Note 20 back camera protector comes in a 3-pack for convenient re-application if the screen protector becomes scratched.

Note 20 Ultra Screen Protectors

Ultraviolet Glass:
Our Galaxy Note 20 Ultra UV glass screen protector is the most effective way to protect your rounded edge device. It’s a UV-liquid gel that evenly disperses and hardens to form a highly defensive layer through UV light illumination. Our Note 20 Ultra UV screen protector works fully with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner – simply re-scan your fingerprint after application.

Elastic Skin: Our Galaxy Note 20 Ultra elastic skin screen protector is a thermoplastic protector that buffers nearly all abrasions with self-healing technology so you have a clean, dent and scratch-free screen for the long run. Our Note 20 Ultra elastic screen comes in a 2-pack with wet and dry wipes, dust removal stickers, and the tools you need for a simple installation.

Back Camera: Just like our Note 20 version, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra back camera protector comes in a 3-pack and keeps your lenses scratch-free so you can keep taking the highest quality photos we know this model offers.

Screen Protection Plans

Using a screen protector on your Note 20/20 Ultra is just the beginning. Take your screen protection a step further with our amPlus screen protection plans. When you purchase amPlus, you immediately receive a free amFilm screen protector of your choosing (UV screen protectors not included) and have the option to get a free screen protector each month. You also have up to $100 (basic plan) or $200 (premium plan) in screen damage reimbursement if you crack your screen while using our amFilm screen protector.

Your new Note 20/Note 20 Ultra is valuable – don’t let anything happen to it that you could have prevented! Shop our Note 20/20 Ultra screen protectors now.