Best Types of Screen Protectors for Your Device Right Now

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When buying a new phone or tablet, the first accessory you probably get is a case, right? We get it – cases are an important item to protect your device from impacts and potential damage. But what about protecting your screen? A phone and tablet’s screen is particulary vulnerable to cracks and scratches without a screen protector, and the last thing you want to do is pay a costly repair bill.

So what type of screen protector should you consider for your device? Here is a breakdown of the most favored and defensive screen protectors on the market.

Classic Tempered Glass

If you’re looking for something traditional, but effective, consider purchasing a classic tempered glass screen protector. This flat edge protector covers the majority of your screen with the exception of an open cut at the top. Plain glass screen protectors offer good protection against normal wear and tear, and they boost your device’s defense against potential cracks and scratches from impacts. They also typically have an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

Full Screen Tempered Glass

If you’re looking for a little more defense against impacts, we suggest a glass screen protector that fully covers your screen. With only a cutout for the speaker, this screen protector adheres from edge-to-edge to provide maximum coverage to your device. And just like traditional glass, full screen tempered glass protectors also have an oleophobic coating to prevent print smudges.

Heavy Duty Tempered Glass

If you’re someone who absolutely needs the most defensive screen protection out there, consider a heavy duty glass screen protector. This screen protector also provides edge-to-edge protection like the full screen option with a cutout for the speaker, but it’s also designed with silicone edges to be the most resilient in the toughest situations. Unlike traditional tempered glass screen protectors that start cracking on the edges from impacts, heavy duty’s reinforced edges completely absorb impacts and prevent initial cracks from happening. You’re not only protecting your screen, but also the screen protector itself.

Privacy Tempered Glass

What makes privacy screen protectors so unique is their purpose is to keep your screen visible only from a direct look, specifically when it’s held right in front of your face. It’s designed with a privacy filter allowing light to pass through certain angles and letting you see the screen clearly while people near you cannot. So if you’re someone who wants extra privacy from people looking at your passcode or other secure information, this is a great option.

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