iPhone 13 Rumors: What We Know So Far (Part 2)

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Back in May, we shared rumors about what to expect for the upcoming iPhone 13 series. We discussed speculations about the official name of the series, how many models, features and a potential release date. With Apple’s highly anticipated announcement date coming soon, here’s everything we know about their release event, when you’ll be able to order an iPhone 13, and more.

When will Apple’s keynote event occur?

Last year, Apple had to unfortunately hold off their release event until October due to production delays. This year, they are back on track to their normal announcement time in September. Apple confirmed their event will be on Tuesday, September 14th starting at 10am PT (1pm ET).

What are the iPhone 13 model names and sizes?

Earlier rumors wondered if the next series would be called iPhone 12S, not only because 13 can be considered “unlucky,” but also because the new devices are more so an improvement on the current iPhone 12 models. At this point, most are speculating that Apple will release them as the iPhone 13 series, but we won’t know for sure until the keynote event. As for what models they’ll release, it’s confirmed there will be four new devices just like last year’s lineup: iPhone 13 (6.1”), iPhone 13 Pro (6.1”), iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7”) and iPhone 13 Mini (5.4”).

What other iPhone 13 features will be discussed?

In our previous rumors post, we mentioned the iPhone 13 may have a smaller notch, and that prediction still seems to be the same. It also looks like iPhone 13 will continue to use a lightening connector charging port like it has with its previous models.

Some new things we’re seeing are larger batteries in all four models to support a 120Hz display, which means a faster and smoother feeling when scrolling through apps and web pages. The camera bump is also rumored to be larger, which will prevent lenses from sticking out as much as they do on iPhone 12. Finally, cameras might get an update to enhance video and picture taking, including offering the video version of Portrait Mode and a wider lens for better-looking images.

Where can I watch the Apple keynote event?

Users can watch upcoming and previous Apple keynote events on Apple’s events page: https://www.apple.com/apple-events.

When can I order an iPhone 13?

iPhone release dates are typically on Fridays a week and a half after Apple announces new devices, so we can expect the release date to be sometime the third week of September, possibly Friday the 24th. We'll know for sure once Apple officially unveils its new phone lineup next week!

Only a week away iPhone lovers! We’re so excited for Apple launching their newest series and for us at TechMatte to provide you with our latest amFilm screen protection for the iPhone 13 devices!