How to Charge Apple Pencil 2 without an iPad

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If you’re frustrated with the lack of charging options for the Apple Pencil Gen 2, then we’ve got a perfect solution: introducing TechMatte’s Apple Pencil 2 charging case!

Compatible with Apple Pencil 2, our case allows you to charge your Gen 2 pencil without using an iPad. You can charge the case by simply connecting it to the included USB-C cable and plugging it into the wall. Once the case is charged, you can charge your Apple Pencil Gen 2 wireless on-the-go - just like AirPods! And when you’re not using your pencil, keep it in the case to keep it charged. It only takes 30 minutes for a full charge and you can keep track of charging status with the easy-to-find indicator light on the side of the case.

Here are some other great features to expect:

  • USB-C cable included – all you need is a wall adapter
  • Wireless charging convenience – we had to mention it twice! Once the case is charged, you can wirelessly charge your pencil on-the-go
  • Additional storage – store up to 2 nibs alongside your pencil
  • Secured protection – hard plastic case with built-in placement allows you to keep your Apple Pencil 2 securely in place
  • Anti-damage – prevents scratches from bumps/shocks and also protects against dirt and dust
  • Perfectly portable – small and compact, you can store it in your purse or bag to take on-the-go

With several other handy accessories available for your Apple Pencil on our website, we at TechMatte knew how important it was to tackle this charging issue many Apple Pencil 2 owners are facing. Spread the word to the Apple Pencil Gen 2 community and purchase our Apple Pencil 2 charging case today!

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