Why You Should Use a MagSafe Charger

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If you upgraded to an iPhone 12 back in 2020, or a 2013 last year, you may have noticed the latest MagSafe feature in Apple’s newest iPhones. MagSafe is an internal magnetic technology designed to provide more precise, high-speed wireless charging, while also being compatible with other magnetic accessories. It solved an ongoing issue since the iPhone 8, which was properly lining up an iPhone correctly on a wireless charger to achieve optimal charging. It’s been a great update to the newest iPhones, and more people are opting into using Apple’s MagSafe Charger because of it. Here are a few reasons why you should too.

It’s feasible: because it’s an Apple product, it’s pretty much available everywhere to purchase. It’s $39 at the Apple store, but sometimes sold cheaper at Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy.

It’s simple: the MagSafe charger is minimal, convenient and extremely easy to use. Simply stick it to the back of your iPhone 12 or 13 and it automatically snaps into place.

It’s faster: MagSafe delivers a faster, precise charge, meaning you overall spend less time charging and worrying if it’s aligned correctly.

Endless MagSafe compatible accessory options!

The MagSafe system has opened up new possibilities on how to use and mount your iPhone. Apple and many other companies including ourselves have designed some pretty handy MagSafe compatible accessories you should definitely check out. Here are some of our personal favorites:

  • Cases: If you own an iPhone older than 12, we offer MagSafe compatible cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, X, XR and XS Max. Each case has a built-in magnetic ring that attaches to any MagSafe accessory.
  • Car Mounts: we have several styles of magnetic vent mounts that simply slide and clip onto your vent, as well as a dashboard mount that attaches with a sticky adhesive.
  • Charger Organizers: properly store your charger without the annoyance of the cable getting in the way.
  • Wall Mount: a sticky adhesive on the back of the mount attaches to any surface like your bathroom mirror or kitchen wall and can be removed and cleaned. Stick your phone on the mount and now you can multi-task with ease.
  • Wallet: magnetically attaches to the back of your phone and holds your credit cards, cash and also acts as a foldable stand.

Interested in using a MagSafe charger now? We hope you are! Join our fellow MagSafe charger fans and give it a try.