amPen Stylus: An Affordable Apple Pencil Alternative

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Although the Apple Pencil is great tool for writing and drawing, it is pretty expensive – costing $99 for the first generation and $129 for the second generation. There’s also the matter of compatibility with the Apple Pencils working only with certain iPad models (and not iPhones).

If you’re looking for a more affordable, convenient, and fully compatible on any device alternative, we suggest checking out our amPen stylus pens.

If you’re looking for something simple:

  • Try our Capacitive stylus ($5.99): This pen has a rubber tip that conducts the electrical charge from your Stylus to the screen just like your finger would. It can be used on any touch screen device.

If you’re looking for something long-term:

  • Try our Hybrid stylus ($7.99): This stylus has a fiber tip that protects your touch screen device from scratches. The tip is interchangeable and replaceable so you don’t’ have to buy a new stylus after the tip wears out.

If you’re looking for something multi-functional:

  • Try our Twist stylus ($9.99): This stylus has a capacitive style rubber tip on one end for your touch screen devices and an integrated ink pen on the other side for taking paper notes. Note: the ink pen side is not to be used on touch screen devices.

If you’re looking for something that digitally does it all:

  • Try our Disk stylus ($8.99 - $9.45): This stylus has a hybrid style mesh fiber tip on one end for general tapping and swiping and a plastic disk tip on the other side to write notes and draw on touch screen devices.
Thinking about giving one of these styli a try? Great! We also offer amPen Stylus accessories such as replacement Hybrid tips, ink refills and elastic-coil lanyards to attach the Stylus to your device while in use.