5 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Devices in Excellent Condition

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Let’s be honest – phones, tablets and handheld gaming systems are expensive. You invest good money into your devices, so it’s only natural to assume they’re built to last a long time. But despite them being high quality, things can go wrong if you start neglecting basic care and maintenance habits. Follow our tips below to effectively keep your mobile devices in the same great condition they were in when first purchased.

1. Keep it clean.

How often do you clean the surface of your device? If the answer isn’t daily, it’s time to make a change. On average, cellphone users touch their devices about 2,617 times a day. That’s a lot of bacteria transferring to and from your hands, face, and every surface the phone has touched! To keep your phone or any handheld device clean, we recommend using a microfiber cloth. Unlike paper towels, microfiber gently cleans without the risk of scratching, especially when cleaning the screen. These cloths also attract and remove oil and dust, whereas other cleaning products smear them around without cleaning.

2. Charge smarter.

Many believe the best way to use their battery is to let it drain completely before re-charging. This rule only applies to nickel-based batteries, which are not used by mobile devices. Phones, tablets and handheld gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch use lithium ion batteries, which perform best when they’re topped off with a charge as much as possible. Continuing to keep your devices below a 50% charge can actually shorten its lifespan in the long run, so having a charger on hand to use at any time is good practice. We have a selection of chargers to use, whether that’s a wireless charging pad or stand to use at home or a dual-port charger to use in the car. We also have several cables in various lengths that allow you to easily connect your device to a wall charger or USB car charger for reliable, safe charging.

3. Secure it with a case.

We’ve all been guilty of dropping our phones at some point, so wouldn’t it make sense to provide our devices with an extra barrier to prevent damage? Cases are designed to absorb daily impacts, whereas not using a case drastically increases your chances of scratches on the back of your device and broken camera lenses. We suggest investing in a hybrid style phone case like the ones we offer, which have a hard outer shell and soft inner skin to absorb shocks and resists scratches. We also offer neoprene carrying sleeves and cases for tablets and gaming systems.

4. Avoid cracks with a screen protector.

Since the screen is one of the most vulnerable areas on a device, the best way to shield it from potential scratches and cracks is with a screen protector. Ultra-thin and smooth, screen protectors are constructed to blend into the display and be unnoticeable as possible so screen clarity is unaffected. They’re also designed to repel skin oils to reduce the appearance of fingerprints and smudges. There are so many benefits to using screen protectors, and we at TechMatte are always designing new screens to be compatible with the latest models. You can browse our current screen protector selection and see which ones are best for your device(s).

5. Plan ahead with a mobile protection plan.

When you opt into a phone protection plan, you’ve got your device’s best interests in mind from the very beginning. You know that accidents can happen, and a protection plan can make you feel more in control when it’s time to get repairs done. Don’t hastily choose a plan without first understanding what you’re getting (or may not be getting). Most phone providers offer plans, but they’re not cheap and they typically require a costly deductible on top of what the repair cost will be. Choosing a plan like our amPlus basic or premium options guarantees a free, monthly screen protector to immediately boost your device’s safety, damage repair reimbursement (up to $100 for the basic plan and up to $200 for the premium plan) and absolutely no deduction fee.

Are you already following some of our tips above? Great! If not, there’s no better time to start giving your devices a little more attention. With proper cleaning care and defense-boosting accessories, we’re confident your phones, tablets and handheld gaming systems are assured a long and secure life!