3 Ways to “Green” Your Cellphone Use

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As Earth Day approaches, you may be assessing what you currently do and looking for new ways to help protect the planet. We encourage you maintain good practices all year long, but marking April 22nd with an action that positively helps the Earth is a great time to start! As a company that specializes in products that reinforce your mobile devices, we have a few tips to share on how you can make a difference by making your cell phone use greener. Take a look:

Buy a Used Phone Instead of New

Like anything new that comes on the market, we know most consumers feel the need to buy the latest and trendiest phone model. Your current device might be functioning perfectly well, but mobile networks have trained us to replace our phones every year or two with new ones, causing massive amounts of waste. When it’s time upgrade, consider purchasing a used, older model as a replacement. And to make sure your used phone lasts a long time, we’ve got you covered with a range amFilm screen protectors for older makes and models.

Recycle Your Phone When it Dies

Did you know Americans get rid of more than 350,000 cell phones a day? And according to the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), only 12.5% of e-waste actually gets recycled. So before you drop your dearly departed phone in the trash, stop and find the nearest recycling facility. There are many places that accept mobile devices such as the EcoATM kiosk at your local mall, which collects old phones and gives you money in return. You can also visit your local carrier and see if they’ll offer a small stipend that can be used towards a new device.

Increase Your On the Go Recharging

It’s true that plugging your phone into a wall charger is fast and easy, but it’s not as eco-efficient as you may think. Once your phone’s battery is full, do you still leave the charger plugged into the wall? If you do, you’re allowing it to continue pulling electricity to nowhere. It might seem like a small amount of energy being wasted, but combining it with millions of plugged in chargers across American households, it adds up to an estimated 10% of resident energy use (at least $4 billion paid for wasted energy every year) – yikes! By using your car charger more often, you can maximize the utility already being used for more than one purpose. Take a look at our dual port car chargers and USB-C cables to make charging on the go easy. And of course, try practicing unplugging your chargers from the walls when not in use!

Are you ready to celebrate the world’s largest environmental movement? We hope the tips above help you create new traditions towards making your mobile device habits a little greener!