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Wet Application (TPU)

  • Step #1: Prep your Device
    Use the cleaning cloth to the clean the screen.
  • Step #2: Peel from the Protective Film
    Peel off the TPU screen protector from the protective mask film.
  • Step #3: Apply Solution
    Apply solution liberally on the adhesive side of the screen protector & on the screen of the S8 until both are completely wet.
  • Step #4: Place & Align
    Place the protector on the device with the adhesive side down and adjust until it is aligned properly.
  • Step #5: Squeegee Extra Liquid
    Use the rubber squeegee to squeeze extra liquid out from underneath protector. Adjust alignment if necessary.
  • Step #6: Remove Liquid From Edges
    Please note that the edges will NOT be sealed at this point. Push edges down with cloth to squeegee out extra liquid. Don’t allow the cloth to touch the adhesive side of the protector.
  • Step #7: Wait 30 - 120 Minutes
    Wait until the edges are completely dry.
  • Step #8: Seal the Edges
    Once dry, the edges will stick to the phone when pressure is applied.
  • Step #9: Let Dry Overnight
    Allow any of the solution to evaporate from underneath the screen protector. Small bubbles will disappear in 1-2 days of normal use.

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